Standard display opportunities

High impact roadblock (desktop)

Skin specs

Time Out page width
1150px, design to standard screen display 1366px
with bleed to up to 1900px width

External provision of fireplace skin
These must comply with our specifications and be supplied at least 5 days before the start of the campaign. Please note that all designs are subject to Time Out approval and alterations may need to be made to fit with Time Out requirements.

Skin (no header)
Dimensions: Width 1366x (max width 1900) x min height 1200px.
Center page area: 1150px 

Skin guidelines

  • 3rd party 1x1 pixel and click tracker should be supplied for external tracking.
  • Pixel and click trackers should be supplied at least 3 days before the start of the campaign.
  • If no 3rd party tracking elements are supplied, Time Out will count clicks and impressions internally.
  • Max file size 250kb 

Expandable display (desktop)

Mobile devices


Ad specs

File size

  • 40k maximum for Flash, GIF/JPEG files
  • No more than 3 rotations/loops
  • Frame rate: 25 frames per second maximum

Please provide web address for linking banner ads

Image types
GIF, JPEG, Flash 10.1 or lower

If providing rich creative via a 3rd party tag, please apply a polite load of max 40kb

Rich media creative require a GIF/JPEG backup for users who do not have the Macromedia Flash plug-in. 

Interative specs

CLICK TAG for flash creative
on (release) {
getURL (_level0.clickTag, “_blank”); }

If providing rich creative via a 3rd party tag, please apply a polite load of max 40kb.

Sound must be user initiated

Please note: If the sound is initiated by click there should also be a visible mute button.
If the sound is initiated by mouse roll over, it should also stop on mouse off. 

Rich Media + Overlays

  • Dimensions: 800x450 pixels maximum
  • Video File: max 1MB
  • Sound must be user initiated
  • Audio must be user-initiated with the same action to stop as is used to play (Click to Play/Click to Stop; Mouse over to Play/Mouse Off to Stop). Stop/Mute and Start buttons are required.
  • A clearly defined close button must be visible at all times: clicking on the button should close the ad immediately.
  • Video cannot loop more than one time and cannot exceed more than 30 seconds total animation; 15 seconds preferred.

Note: Overlays/Floating ads may be viewable by only certain browsers and operating systems. We will not show the ad for any browsers or operating systems when the technology could cause system instability or crashes. 

Dedicated Emails




  • Must be provided in .jpeg, .png or .gif formats - Width: 660px (not flexible)
  • Max height: 450px
  • Max file size: 100k

Maximum character counts (including spaces)

  • Subject line: 75 characters (shorter if possible) - Headline: 35 characters
  • Subhead: 70 characters
  • Text: 100-150 words (shorter if possible)
  • Call to action: 15 characters

Creative must be submitted 2 weeks prior to launch.

Time Out reserves the right to approve final creative, subject lines and copy to ensure that it is on-brand. 

The top 2-3 inches are the most valuable part of your ad, as it’s seen first in the preview pane and on mobile devices. Keep the ad as short as possible and focused on the benefits of the offer.

To deliver strong campaign performance from our loyal base of Time Out email subscribers, we send all emails within a standard template that is representative of the Time Out brand in a format our subscribers recognize and identify with.

Our team is happy to provide recommendations to help guide the creative development process, including optimizing for mobile users. 


Get in touch

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